Top Tips to Make Sexy Time More Fun in 2021

<p>Has your sex life been in a rut? Maybe it's a little too routine. This is your sign: It's time to do better.</p>
<p>Turning up the heat isn't rocket science. In fact, it's something you can do tonight. All you need are these 6 tips, a willing partner, and you've got a sexy time on your hands.</p>
<h2>Talk It Out</h2>
<p>Communication is key—before, during, and after. One of the best ways to get what you want and need in bed is to be honest. You should talk about sex as the noun and the verb, so get <a href="">your questions</a> out in the open.</p>
<p>During sex, you should be vocal and honest about what's working and what's not. Tell your partner what you like, what hurts, or what you want them to do more. Not only will this make your the now more pleasurable, but you can also file the info away for next time.</p>
<p>After you have sex—but not necessarily right after—rehash the session. Tell your partner something you want to try next time. It'll build the anticipation.</p>
<h2>Learn by Example</h2>
<p>Sometimes you need a few examples to get you started. There's no harm in finding examples from porn, movies, or TV shows and bringing them into the bedroom. It's a great way to try something new or something you're curious about.</p>
<p>Show your examples to your partner and tell them what you want to try. It would even be a treat if you suggested watching a movie or TV show you know has a sexy scene in it. When said sexy scene shows up, whisper-ask if they'd like to try that.</p>
<h2>A Whole New Everything</h2>
<p>It goes without saying, but it things are stale, <a href="">switch it up</a>. There are so many options out there, you just have to find the one that's best for you and your partner.</p>
<p>Simple switches like trying new positions or changing the rooms and surfaces can go a long way. One day, try a series of quickies; the next, spend the entire day being slow and intimate. Changing your routine will feel new and exciting, and so will the sex.</p>
<h2>Swap Fantasies</h2>
<p>The brain is so powerful, and <a href="">fantasies can be great</a> fuel for a rich sex life. If there's something you love thinking about while you're intimate with yourself, consider bringing it up to a partner.</p>
<p>Taking turns revealing fantasies can add emotional intimacy and trust that can help the sex in the long run. Once your fantasies are revealed, have fun trying them out.</p>
<h2>All Five Senses</h2>
<p>Sex is something you feel with your whole body. Have fun <a href="">amplifying your senses</a> to experience sex in a new way.</p>
<p>You can also try sensory deprivation, where you take away a sense, so the others are heightened. This is most often done with blindfold and earplugs. Getting creative and playing with senses and up the anticipation and lead to sex with more feeling.</p>
<h2>Turn a Maybe Into a Yes</h2>
<p>Is there something you've always wanted to do, but you've always been nervous to try? A fantasy, toy, or kink? If you're comfortable with it, try turning your maybe into a yes.</p>
<p>Taking the plunge on something you've always wanted to try can lead to an unexpectedly great night. Ask your partner if there's anything they've wanted to try. Together, you can fulfill some of your dirty thoughts.</p>
<h2>Have a Sexy Time</h2>
<p>There are many ways to have a great, sexy time in bed. It's all about trial and error and practice. With these tips, you can overcome a rut and spice up a tired routine.</p>
<p>Good sex isn't complete with a great condom. Find the <a href="">perfect fit</a> for your night.</p>

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