Penis Captivus - urban myth OR real?

“Penis Captivus” is the medical term for when a penis is actually held captive by the vagina during sexual intercourse. Some medical experts disagree about this, others claim this phenomenon to be real. But is it really as bad as it sounds?

Although there have been reports that vaginal spasms can be severe enough to hold a penis captive, the male would still be able to withdraw again after the penis is relaxed again. The terrifying fact that a penis gets stuck, and that neither partner can separate for many minutes, may have its roots in both legend and truth.

Luckily enough, the “Penis Captivus” phenomenon is not as horrid and frightful as its sounds. When a penis enters a vagina, it becomes increasingly swollen. And during an orgasm, the women’s pelvic floor contract. Some of these contractions can be so intense, that the vagina closes, and the penis becomes even more engorged.

Such rare situations only happen for a few seconds, in worst cases between 5 and 10. Not that long, but definitely long enough to make it seem like an eternity!

In any case, the mystery has been solved.

‘Nough said. Team Hollywood Condoms