A Complete Guide to the Female Orgasm

You’ve read the title of this article and probably thought: 

A) Why would someone need a guide for something so natural?

B) Yes! Some new sex positions.

C) Finally! The answer to the question I’m too embarrassed to ask.

Whichever group you’re in, you’ll be surprised to find out that there’s so much more to learn about the female orgasm.

From multiple orgasms to mercy fakes, female pleasure is perhaps the most discussed sex topic, considering it lasts only between 3-15 seconds.

In fact, a female orgasm is often the measure of success for sex. While it’s a natural thing, many women have troubles reaching orgasm when having sex with their partners.

Fortunately, this guide is going to help you understand female orgasm and how you can please your woman better.

Different Types of Female Orgasms

Female orgasm isn’t just about the pleasure, it also comes with a range of health benefits. When a woman reaches the sexual climax, the body releases hormones which reduce stress, relax the body, and help fight depression.

There are a number of ways that your partner can reach orgasm. Here are some of the common ones:

1. Clitoral Orgasm

This female orgasm results from the direct stimulation of the clitoris. It’s described as a short, localized, bursting sensation.

2. Vaginal Orgasm

Also known as G-Spot stimulation, this orgasm is achieved more through intercourse than clitoral stimulation. The G-Spot varies from one woman to another which explains why it’s difficult to locate it.

This type of orgasm last longer that clitoral orgasm and is more likely to occur multiple times.

3. Blended Orgasm

This happens when both the vaginal and clitoral orgasms occur simultaneously. It lasts way longer and can be described as more explosive.

4. Nipple Orgasm

Nipple stimulation releases hormones known as oxytocin which gives women the warm and fuzzy feelings of bonding and love.

It can be achieved by massaging the breasts with coconut oil or suckling the nipples.

Top Tips to Give the Best Female Orgasm

There’s no one-style-fits-all when it comes to pleasing your woman. Nonetheless, here are some general rules that you should consider if you want to get her there.

1. Communicate

For the ultimate sexual satisfaction, communication is key.

It’s important to encourage your partner to make her sexual preferences known. You never know – she probably has a full sex bucket list hidden somewhere.

However, this can actually put the pressure on her and make it even harder for you to get her there. Thus, it’s recommended not to ask these questions before or when engaging in sexual activities.

2. Don’t Forget About Foreplay

While men can get aroused in just a few seconds, this isn’t the case when it comes to women. Foreplay can help her get into the mood as it’ll make her vagina lubricate and her clitoris erect. Without this, sex can be painful and uncomfortable for your partner.

Depending on what she likes, you can caress, hug, or kiss her during foreplay.

3. Choose a Favorable Sex Position

The best sex positions increase the likelihood of giving her an explosive orgasm. Depending on her pleasure points, choose a sex position in which you can stimulate at least two orgasmic areas.

For instance, a woman-superior seated position, commonly known as the “cowgirl” position, allows a woman to stimulate her own clitoris while having a G-

Spot stimulation via intercourse. New sex positions are a good way to revamp your bedroom lovemaking.

Remember to Always Have Safe Sex

This guide on female orgasm should steer you in the right direction and help you give her happy endings.

If you’re a sexually active individual, it’s always recommended to have a pack of condoms whenever you’re with your partner.

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