The Best Sex Scenes From Movies and TV in 2019

We've all had a good laugh over the UK Literary Review's annual "Bad Sex Awards". It's notoriously hard to write a good sex scene, and even harder to perform one! But it isn't impossible, and we're going to prove it. 

There was plenty of onscreen sex in 2019's hit movies and TV shows. Ranging from sweet to steamy, the best sex scenes had amazing chemistry and even better writing. Whether you're looking for things to watch on a steamy night in or trying to find things to add to your sexy bucket list, read on to find out the best sex scenes of 2019.

What Makes The Best Sex Scenes So Good

The best sex scenes are realistic, honest, and fun! Of course, they're steamy and sexy, but the human aspect is what makes them so great.

If you just wanted to watch people bang, you'd go to PornHub. Sex scenes in movies and TV are alluring because you care about the characters, too. 

The Lighthouse

Alright, maybe this is a weird one to start with. But Robert Pattinson dreaming about mermaid pussy was hot, and we aren't afraid to admit it. Just go into it with an open mind, and you'll come out titillated. 

Something Great

Gina Rodriguez and Lakeith Stanfield get it on in the first fifteen minutes of this movie, and it's both sweet and sexy. They're clumsy and giggly, but bursting with desire for each other. They're also both insanely hot, so it's a feast for the eyes. 


Fleabag is the show so good, even Obama loves it. The scene where she and the hot priest finally, finally have sex is so good because of the build-up that came before it. Fleabag and Hot Priest have such amazing will-they-or-won't-they chemistry, and their sex lives up to the anticipation!


This scene is so sweet and raw. Richard Madden and Taron Egerton, as John Reid and Elton John, take a loving romp together. It's groundbreaking in many ways, but more importantly: it'll turn you on. 


Billy Porter in literally anything is electrifying, and his sex scene with Dyllon Burnside in season 2 of Pose is no exception. Pray Tell and Ricky, long-term lovers, share a familiar and intimate coupling onscreen. Billy Porter has spoken at length about the groundbreaking nature of two black men making love on TV, and we love it too.

Game of Thrones

We know what you're thinking: which one?! Well, Arya and Gendry, of course! Arya taking charge of her sexuality on what she assumed was the last night of her life was sexy and fun. We're always game for a good candlelit romp, especially with Gendry. 

Sexy, Flirty, and Fun

Now go ahead and watch the movies and TV shows we recommended! We guarantee you'll get excited by at least one of these scenes, and we won't judge if your new fantasies involve mermaids. 

Make sure if you want to recreate any of 2019's best sex scenes, you're wrapped and ready to go! The sexiest thing you can do, after all, is wear a condom. Check out our selection here