Oh Em Gee: The Truth About Guys and Multiple Orgasms

For women, multiple orgasms are the goal. It is the height of sexual stimulation, the cherry on the top of the cake. In men, it is a myth.

Or so people seem to think. So can men actually achieve multiple orgasms? We discuss the myths and truths about this elusive sexual pleasure. 

The Two Types of Orgasm

Although men seem to be disadvantaged, as they are able to reach multiple orgasms in the way a woman would, they are advantaged in that they can have two types of orgasm. The first is the most well known. This is the stimulation of the penis until the male reaches the climax, resulting in ejaculation.

The second is achieved by stimulation of the prostate gland. For anyone who does not already know, that is found in the anus. It can be reached by inserting an object or appendage into the male's cavity.

How Do I Find It?

All males will have a prostrate. It is the part that regulates fluid movement down the urethra at certain points. It is the reason you do not urinate when you have an erection. It is like the guardian at the gates of heaven.

The prostate is situated just in front of the rectum, between the bladder and the penis. It pumps fluid through the urethra, mixing with sperm to help your ejaculation flow better. If you stimulate the prostate, it can increase this pleasure. Will I Have Multiple Orgasms?

Will I Have Multiple Orgasms?

It is very likely you can have at least two orgasms in succession, one from stimulation of the penis and one from stimulation of the prostate. It is quite likely that you may be able to have multiple orgasms solely by stimulation of the prostate gland itself. If this is true, then consider yourself very, very lucky, and remember that you still have to go to work in the morning. 

How Do I Do It?

This is best done using lube, anal toys, or a finger. Simply lube up the sex toy and gently place it into the man's anus. Find the sweet spot, and hopefully, the orgasms should follow.

If using a finger, either your own or a partner, you may wish to wear a glove. Something tight and rubber, not your best winter mitten or oven glove. This will save any mess from lube and unwanted fluids, and also be better for hygiene. 

If you are feeling really adventurous, you may want to combine the anal orgasm with the penile one. This will not be multiple, but it will definitely be one hell of a ride! 

Increasing the Pleasure

If you like it, then you can increase the pleasure by working on your pelvic floor muscles. These are the muscles you hold when you need to toilet. Strengthening them leads to even better multiple orgasms. 

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