How to Be a Good Kisser 101: 9 Techniques to Try Tonight

It's no secret that a kiss, whether good or bad, can leave a lasting impression. For most people, their first physical interaction will be a kiss. And if that kiss goes badly, it can end the opportunity for things to go further.

No pressure right? So how do you ensure that your kissing game is on point and leaves your crush wanting more?

We've got you covered with our list of 9 techniques to help you learn how to be a good kisser. 

1. Get Consent

Just like with practicing safe sex, the first step to becoming a good kisser is to get the other person's consent. This is especially true if you've never kissed this person before.

Plus, there is something charming about being asked, "may I kiss you?'. 

2. Keep It Fresh

No one wants to kiss someone and have a flavorful recap of what they recently ate. So keep some mints or gum on hand before going in for the kiss.

Or simply avoid pungent foods altogether if you think your chances for a smooch are high.

3. Stay Moisturized

Kissing someone with chapped lips can be a big turn-off. So be sure to keep your lips well moisturized and taken care of. But don't go overboard with the chapstick right before you decide to kiss someone.

Instead, maintain proper lip care leading up to your date. 

4. It's More Than The Lips

Don't be so focused on locking lips that you forget about the many other erogenous zones nearby. Kissing can be a full-body experience.

Nothing is hotter than gently brushing your lips against someone's neck or ear. Or touching their neck and hair with your hands. Even grabbing someone around their waist or shoulders if you're feeling into it.

5. Know When (Or When Not) To Take The Lead

Everyone's kissing style and preferences are a little different, but ultimately one of you will set the pace.

If you notice that your kissing styles are different, let your partner take the lead and vice versa. It's all about finding the perfect balance. 

6. Read The Body Language

To go hand in hand with the last point, you also should read your partner's body language. If you are feeling passionate and getting aggressive and you notice them pulling away a bit, then ease up and go slower.

Or if you notice they are pressing into you, this can be a sign to turn up the heat. 

7. Go Slow With The Tongue

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to go into a kiss with full tongue action. Instead, start off with softer kisses and work your way up depending on your partner's reaction. 

8. Embrace The Moment

The same as setting the mood for great sex, a great kiss happens when you are fully in the moment. Don't be so focused on your technique that you forget to enjoy yourself and go with the flow.

Great kisses often happen organically, so relax and embrace the moment.

9. Give A Second Chance

The last way that you can learn how to be a good kisser, is by giving bad kissers a second chance. Don't let one bad kiss ruin a connection with someone.

Instead, open up the conversation about kissing and then practice new techniques together. 

Learning How To Be A Good Kisser

Learning how to be a good kisser is easy, simply follow our tips and get out there and practice! Remember, kissing is supposed to be fun!

And like with everything else in life, practice makes perfect. For more articles on how to spice up your love life, check back on our blog!