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When it comes to your personal intimate life, you want to feel comfortable & confident. That’s why we designed our ultra-thin condoms which are durable & can improve your comfort like ever before. When it comes to getting busy in the bedroom, why rely on the old, boring condoms of yesteryear? Hollywood Condoms Love Performance can enhance your pleasure. Our Gent condoms are crafted with an innovative & comfortable design that can provide a better fit & lubrication where you need it most. With the ultra ultra-thin line you'll naturally increase sensitivity & pleasure.

For those with sensitive skin, wearing condoms can oftentimes lead to discomfort. Our condoms are made with organic latex sap extracted directly from a rubber tree that’s both naturally strong & easy on the skin. After this process the condoms are fortified to preserve the latex & to help enhance your performance & confidence.

We care so much about the quality of our condoms that some people might think we’re nuts - & we’re fine with that! Our condoms are subjected to 5 x rigorous testing to ensure maximum strength, durability & reliability. We perform a tensile strength test, an air burst test, an electronic pinhole detection test, a leakage test & an accelerated aging test to make sure our condoms stand up to the highest possible standards. Our condoms are also CE accredited & approved & meet all the highest international regulatory standards.

Don’t let poor fitting condoms worry you & ruin the mood. The Gent condoms from Hollywood Condoms are specially designed to help better protect you from STD’s & STI’s so you can be confident when it’s time for a romp in the hay.

When the mood strikes, reach for The Gent from Hollywood Condoms. Every package comes with 12 individually hermetically sealed condoms to ensure maximum freshness.


CONDOMS, Latest latex design that can help increase pleasure.
CONDOM, natural latex condoms feels thinner for maximum comfort that’s the Hollywood Condoms standard to increase stimulation with durability
CONDOMS ULTRA THIN, USING ADVANCED TESTING, Made from premium quality latex to help reduce any risks. Silky smooth lubricant for comfort and sensitivity

LUBRICATED CONDOMS, Contains a premium lubricant for comfort and sensitivityLATEX CONDOMS, The special reservoir tip provides extra safety and the tapered base ensures a secure fit plus our condoms are electronically tested for strength to help ensure reliability. At Hollywood Condoms, your satisfaction is our top priority and all of our products have our 30-day return policy which means you can experience your condoms completely risk-free


Contains 12 in every pack

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