All Hollywood Condoms are rigorously tested for strength and durability.

Tensile Stretch Test

Durability, durability, durability. This method involves testing the condoms’ stretchability to its max. We take several condoms, then sample from a batch, and calculate the fraction passing the test. This is ideal for determining the tear strength.

Performance is everything!
Air Burst Test

During this test, we blast the maximum air volume capacity into the condom test the condoms’ elasticity. We monitor the inflation and push beyond the standard 5 gallons (18 liters) of air. The burst usually occurs between 7.9 to 10 gallons (30 to 40 liters).

That’s a lot of air right there.
Electronic pinhole detection test

Every single condom is individually and electronically tested to check for microscopic imperfections invisible to the human eye. This is done by checking if the condom successfully blocks the electricity passing through it. Any faults should be detected. Non- approved condoms will be instantly removed.

Pinholes are not welcome!
Water Burst Test (Leakage Test)

Water is injected by adding plenty of outward pressure, which is then evenly distributed to different areas of the condom wall. This is to ensure that there is zero leakage before the next test.

Because leakage is no friend of ours.
Accelerated Aging Test

The aging process is sped up with a special oven, controlling temperature as well as humidity during this test. This is an artificial procedure to establish the lifespan of the condom. By applying humidity, heat, and hydration, we are able to simulate the effect of aging on the condom. The results help ensure that latex condoms, when stored properly, will perform reliably until its expiration date. We are very proud that

Hollywood Condoms can carry the honorable badge as a premium condom brand.
The finishing touch

That’s a brief glimpse at the Hollywood Condoms’ rigorous quality control testing process. It’s true, we really do go nuts for testing quality. Checking our products is not a necessary evil, we just love doing it. That's why we meet the industry’s highest regulatory and manufacturing standards with flying colors! We also earned some bragging rights from the European Safety Standards to our very own America's No. 1 most trusted FDA seal of approval. By only using premium quality latex, we can deliver quality, trust and happiness each and every time.

Happy endings for everyone!


All Hollywood Condoms are rigorously tested for strength and durability.

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