What’s on your sex bucket list?

Here’s a good thought nugget: everyone becomes more determined when they have goals for themselves.

Among many things you can sink your teeth into (or other body parts if you’re adventurous enough) is a sex bucket list. Just because life is short doesn’t mean your list of sexcapades should be, too.

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle during love making once in a while, right? This blog post offers suggestions you can consider for your next big bang.

Whether with your partner of several years or your friends-with-benefits just waiting for you to hit them up, there is so much sexploration to do!

Let’s start with the simple ones:

Have car Sex in a parking lot

Jack and Rose knew precisely what they were doing when they chose to have adult fun inside a vehicle. While that area of cars in Titanic wasn’t exactly a parking lot, nothing beats the thrill of making love at an enclosed sedan with windows all around, be they tinted or not. Don’t own a car? Rent one specifically for just that purpose!

Do the deed in the woods

If animals can do it, so can anyone else who likes taking risks. After all, we’re all beasts in one way or another, aren’t we? Why limit yourself to a four-walled space when mother earth herself invites you to be one with nature? It’s all groin and games when morning wood meets the forest.

Join the mile high club

They say fantastic sex usually takes you to the clouds—and this time we mean it literally. Take your couple action to a whole new level when you go all out on a flying plane! If you can’t book a fancy private first-class seat, nothing's wrong with doing it in the airplane bathroom! Just make sure to keep the moaning on the down low.

Travel to a foreign country and hook-up

There is a good reason why this is on almost every single adventurer’s list of things to do. Dating-apps aren’t just meant for the sexy singles around your area, you know? Is there anything wilder than for a solo traveler to head over to a country that doesn’t speak English all in search for someone else’s body heat? Just make sure not to fall in love. 

Try skinny dipping and beach sex

Turn your fear into fortitude when you motion with the waves butt-naked with your partner. Know that not all sweets are cake by the ocean. Many times, they can be sex. Worried about getting caught? Nah. Let it go for once. Moana doesn’t have to be the only one staring at the edge of the water.

If you’re in the mood for more sextreme thrills, the next ones will blow your mind:

Have double-date sex with your best friend

First of all, this isn’t an orgy (unless you want it to be.) You simply go out with another couple and do the deed with your partner of choice, and pace with your pals. Whether on two separate beds or one king-sized mattress, having another pair enjoy themselves while you are with your own bedroom buddy increases the fetish frenzy! It’s also definitely one for the books. 

Make love during a family function

Introducing your special someone to your family is admirable, but having sex with him or her while dinner is ongoing is ass-wracking—possibly literally. Excuse yourselves after a few bites into the main course, and leave for a quickie. Who says visits to your hometown should be boring? They say there’s always something to be grateful for; make sure one of them is thanksgiving sex at your parent’s.     

Have sex in your office rooftop (before a meeting. Up to you when, really)

The severity of the fun involved here is proportionate to whoever it is you are choosing to do the deed with. The possibilities are infinite. If you’re doing it with a co-worker, the art of a synchronized disappearance can be tricky, but the sex will sure be terrific. If your partner is an outsider, the mission will be a lot harder to pull off, but the pulling out will be worth it.

Runners-up on this list are, of course, making use of ropes and cuffs, watching porn together and imitating lines and positions, filming yourselves, involving food and condiments, using toys, and the most classic one yet: having a threesome.

Take note that you may have a ~hard time~ doing many of these things, but that’s where the blow-up is! Just remember always to be packed with Hollywood Condoms in whatever you do.

Let the sexcitement begin!

Did we miss anything on the list? Let us know.

Sexuality is a celebration. proven by history. This images is from Jagadambi Temple in Khajuraho located in India. 

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