Why Use A Condom?

Are you for real?! Should this question still remain unanswered for you, then we have got some golden information coming your way! Condoms have been around for quite some time, perhaps even as early as the cave days. Usually condom use is linked to contraception and pregnancy, and screaming babies with dookie in their nappies. But this is only ONE reason why people use condoms today. Here are some more:

#1 To prevent STDs.

Every year, about 20 Mio. American citizens will contract an STD each year! Imagine. More and more people are still not aware of the dangers of unprotected sex. Wearing a condom can prevent you from contracting STDs such as the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) and AIDS. And although they cannot guarantee a 100% protection, they are still the number one option in keeping you and your partner safe and healthy. That’s a fact!

#2 Condoms are cool.

Why is it that people think condoms are not cool?! If smart is sexy, then so are condoms! What’s really uncool is NOT to think about protecting your loved one from any kind of harm, including contracting an STD! There are so many condom brands out there, it’s hard to avoid buying and using a condom these days. Don’t be a fool, be cool! That’s a fact!

#3 You can buy them anywhere.

Literally. A.. NY.. WHERE! Drugstores, supermarkets, retailers, pharmacies, online, night shops, toilets, clubs, etc. etc. It’s harder to name a shop where you cannot buy a condom.
Imagine you are out on a date, and you’re about to get closer. The easiest thing to do is to pop into the next convenience store and buy a pack of rubbers. No excuses. That’s a fact!

#4 No side effects.

Well, mostly. But unlike other contraceptive devices such as the birth control pill, condoms generally do not cause any side effects and do not affect the menstrual cycle. Some people are allergic to latex, and can develop a rash. Most condoms are manufactured in such a way that the chemicals and lubricants do not intervene with a person’s health. That’s a fact!

#5 It’s not like your carrying a television.

Condoms are small and can fit into any pocket or purse. They are lightweight and well wrapped and protected from UV light. Condoms are that small and lightweight that they can even be carried in bulk if necessary. But you definitely don’t have to cultivate a six pack or massive biceps to carry some sense with you. That’s a fact!

#6 It’s respectful to yourself and your partner.

There are a few excuses people use not to wear a condom. Each one is a dumb as the other. You owe it to your partner and to yourself to make sex as safe and pleasurable as possible. That’s the only way to create a sense of respect and trust within a relationship! Are you really willing to pay the price of an unwanted pregnancy or contracting an STD? Have some respect. That’s a fact!

A lot of things have changed over the years, and wearing a condom has become an absolute must! There are so many STDs out there and the chances of you getting one whilst having unprotected sex are very real. Don’t let yourself be misled and choose what’s right for you!

Be safe, be sexy! Team Hollywood Condoms