Top Tips To Avoid Bedroom Boredom

New love energy can be hectic. With all those non-stop dinner dates, hand-holding snugness, and crazy, rich, sex, how can you not be pre-occupied? You’re in love. You’re in a good place in life right now. The universe is shining on you, and this is your moment to enjoy a new, better-companied version of your sexiest self.

Ahh, the sweet, seducing sound of newfound relationships; the equivalent to the harmony of waves crashing over the shore time and again.

Isn’t it sweet?

But what about relationships that have braved several years? What harmony do we hear for couples who have conquered a steady string of birthdays and anniversaries? Trumpets, perhaps? The sound of school rites at the end of a semester, maybe? In today’s digital dating age, lovers who have stood the test of time are the real MVPs. It’s no joke to consistently be around someone you’ve done everything with, right? From watching movies at the local cinema to enjoying Friday nights out in the pub, things like these can be all too familiar at one point, and may even prove to be a chore.

When you’ve been with someone for a reasonable length of time, you become a little too familiar with almost every detail about them; from the trace of their skin to the feel of their hands to the sound of their orgasms.

That said, how do you keep the fire burning? How do you sustain the flames vital in a much necessary sex life?

In a previously published blog post, relationship counselor and sex therapist, Gia Ravazzotti, states the many realities about sex drives and desires long-term couples face.

Here are a few:

Sexual desire may fade over time, but this reality is optional

Couples who are more tenured don’t have to go through a downturn in the sex department. While it’s true that sex may not always be as frequent, frantic, and flashy as you age with a partner, several long-term couples still experience fiery bedroom sessions. Society’s claim on sex taking a spiral fall as a relationship matures often takes its toll on lovers until people actually believe it. So reevaluating pop culture plugging can be a constructive way to comprehend both your and your partner’s sex drives, versus giving in to the belief that maybe sex isn’t for you guys anymore, and that those days are over.

Spontaneous sex isn’t always sexy.

It’s no lie that newer couples have sex a little more spontaneously than people in older relationships. Quickie in the car? No problem. Lunch break sex? Hell yeah! But the excitement that comes with never really knowing when you’re doing the deed until it just happens doesn’t happen all the time anymore for varsity couples.

As you age with a lover, you both lead lives a tad busier compared to when you began. Sometimes it can be the other way around, too. But planning your next sexcapade, whether at home or elsewhere won’t make it any less sexy. It merely indicates that you and your partner value each other’s schedules and needs. Monogamous sex need not be boring.

Time begets closeness, and closeness breeds comfortability, which in turn brings about the willingness to explore. As couples grow in time, this is often followed by the openness to try more things in the bedroom. Why settle for just the missionary position when there are so many other ways to taste heaven? New sex positions open a whole new universe of self-acquaintance and discovery for you and your partner. If you need a little more spice in your household paradise, try looking up modified doggy, reverse cowgirl, and the butterfly to name a few. To better experience, a unique and different kind of pleasure, Hollywood Condom’s The Diva is your go-to protection pal.

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