The Definitive Guide on How to Make a Woman Squirt

The penis is not the only sexual organ that is able to ejaculate—women can do it too! 

Lots of women have been told to feel shame about their ability to squirt, as stigma about squirting has long been maintained by censors. In reality, there's nothing to be ashamed of about squirting. It's just another way that women can experience pleasure from orgasming.

Whether you just heard of it or want to check it off your sex bucket list, this is the guide you need for knowing how to make a woman squirt.

Squirting Is Not Urine

Despite looking like it is coming from the same area, the fluid released when you are making a girl squirt is not actually the same as urine.

There are small openings around the main urethral opening called the para-urethral ducts. The para-urethral duct is where the ejaculatory fluid in a woman is released. While it is close to the urethral open, the fluid that comes out when you squirt does not come from the bladder.

The misconception of squirting being "dirty" comes from the fact that sometimes there can be traces of urine mixed with the fluid.

Can All Women Squirt?

The short answer: Some women can!

The long answer: Women do have the ability to squirt, but they don't squirt for the same reason men do during sex (aka moving sperm from one area to another). For some women, squirting can come easy to them while others may have a harder time or not be able to do it at all. Modern studies estimate that 10-54% of women are able to squirt, but it's unclear if that number is actually much higher and it is just not reported due to shame.

How to Make a Woman Squirt

The best way to make a woman squirt is by stimulating her G-spot. The G-spot is an area in the vagina close to the front of the vaginal wall and feels like a spongy, raised bump or ridge when it is touched.

If you put a finger an inch or two inside your partner's vagina and angle up toward their belly, you’ll be pressing on some slightly rough-feeling skin—this is the G-spot.

If you can't do it via the G-spot, that's perfectly fine. Many women can also squirt through clitoral or vaginal stimulation or with help of a vibrator. Just be prepared to put a few towels down: a 2013 study said that the amount of ejaculate coming from a squirt orgasm can range from approximately 0.3ml to more than 150ml.

Try Making a Woman Squirt the Next Time You Get Intimate 

Knowing how to make a woman squirt can be key to expanding your sex life with your partner and getting more comfortable in the bedroom.

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