How Effective Are Condoms, Anyway? Everything You Should Know

Around 7.3 percent of men say that they've experienced a condom breaking during sex. 

That means either condoms aren't as effective as they're meant to be, or we're just not doing it right. Working as a physical barrier, condoms prevent unwanted pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

If you were wondering 'how effective are condoms?', then you've come to the right place. This short read will teach you everything you need to know about protecting yourself and your partner from unwanted disease or pregnancy. 

Read on for a brief need-to-know guide to using condoms. 

How Do Condoms Work? 

First, a bit of background information on condoms - a quick refresher of high school sex education. Condoms are made from a super-strong and flexible substance called latex. They work by providing a physical barrier between the male and female sexual organs.

There are two types of condoms, both of which are widely available in any drugstore and conventional retailers such as supermarkets - classic male and female condoms. 

Female condoms, sometimes called Femedom's are less common. They're worn internally and provide a barrier between the man's 'end result' and the woman's reproductive system. 

However, there are fewer options for pleasure available in the female condom market. Where they can be a helpful tool, they don't measure up to the wide variety available when shopping for male condoms.

Whether it's ribbed, vibrating, slim, thick, or flavored, there will be something that suits your needs. 

How Effective Are Condoms? 

When used correctly, condoms are 98 percent effective — however, it's not as simple as that. Several factors can lead to a less-than-perfect experience with a condom. 

Firstly, to be fully effective, condoms must be within the specified expiration date, as latex is a degradable substance that can become weaker and more prone to breakage over time.

Therefore, it is vital to ensure the condom hasn't expired. If you've got an aged condom in your wallet, just in case you get lucky, it's time to put it in the trash and get a new one. 

However, even in-date condoms must be inspected to ensure they are free from tears. It probably doesn't need to be said that a condom with a hole in it will not work. 

You also need to brush up on your condom 'application skills' if you want maximum protection (and no, putting it on with their teeth is not the best way for your partner to help out). 

Rest assured that at Hollywood Condoms, you'll receive a leaflet with detailed instructions (or you can Google 'how to put on a condom' but make sure to be careful about which links you click on!)

Both female and male condoms are also effective against sexually transmitted diseases during penetrative sex.

What Makes Condoms Less Effective?

The Food and Drug Administration must approve all condoms on the U.S market. This means that all brands of condoms will conform to a rigorous standard.

Nevertheless, it is important to choose the correct condom for your personal needs. If the condom is too small or large for the user, it may be more prone to breakage, splitting, or unsheathing during sexual intercourse.

If you are unsure which condom size is right for you, you should refer to a condom size chart. This information will help you make an informed decision and is available both online or through any reputable retailer of contraceptive devices.

Another thing to consider is that you or your sexual partner may be allergic to latex- the most common material for condoms. But don't worry- latex-free alternatives are available.

However, the chemicals in non-water-based lubricants, such as vaseline and moisturizer, can damage condoms and render them ineffective. Always use a water-based lubricant designed for sexual use with condoms.

What Condom Should I Buy for Maximum Effectiveness? 

So, now you're ready to rubber up! What are you waiting for? Get out there and have some fun, but remember- safety is paramount with any contraceptive device.

When bought from an FDA-approved supplier, condoms are the safest, most convenient, and reliable solution available. Put your fate in the hands of an unapproved vendor, and you may see your lothario status plummet from hero to zero.

It's time to suit up, and as any tailor will tell you, it's all in the measurements - treat yourself to the perfect fit and we guarantee you won't regret it. At Hollywood Condoms, we cater for all sizes, shapes, and lengths. Need an XL? We've got your back with The G XL condom.

Finally, always make sure that your condoms are in-date. At Hollywood Condoms, we provide a subscription service to deliver fresh, ready-to-use condoms to your door whenever you require them. 

If you want to avoid the mad dash to find a condom in what's meant to be the most romantic of moments, make sure you're prepared in every scenario. 

Condoms: Effective When You Do It Right  

No more asking yourself, 'how effective are condoms?' - Now you know. As long as you wear it right and invest in a reputable company, you'll be protected and be able to enjoy the experience at the same time. 

Slip into something a little more comfortable, and next time you find yourself between the sheets, bask in the confident glow of sex, sensuality, and above all, safety.

If you're ready to have a stress-free, protected, and raunchy sex life, check out our subscription service, and we'll deliver you the goods.