Do You Really Need Cool Condoms?

Are you looking for seriously unique, like cool condoms? Are you bored of using the same condom brand with that lame and that your Dad uses? Is your condom killing the mood when sexiness is about to strike? We know how you feel, we feel the same way. Get ready for a change!

Meet the Hollywood Condoms cast: The Gent, The Diva and The G. Three different types of premium lubricated latex condoms to match your personality and mood. Feeling suave and gentle tonight? Unpack The Gent for some sweet and stylish loving. Or are you rather in the mood for that extra tingly sensation? Then you have to try The Diva, the ribbed edition for some slippery fun. For big boys with big toys, we created The G, the extra large condom for the extra large game. ‘Nough said.

Why Hollywood Condoms, you ask? First of all, they are premium quality and meet the highest industry standards worldwide. They are all rigorously tested and comply with FDA and EU Regulatory compliance and safety testing to make sure that ALL love performances run smoothly and safely.
Secondly, Hollywood Condoms packaging is designed with a lot of TLC, getting rid of that boring medical vibe (who said sex is medical?) and making the condom a more approachable product.

And last but not least, we have the coolest goodies bags for you to win! Seriously.

With Hollywood Condoms you will turn your bedroom performance into a real curtain raiser, guaranteed! No more shame when unwrapping a rubber in front of your partner. We don’t want to spoil your evening. In contrary, we want you to openly converse about your fantasies and desires. Hollywood Condom are real ice breakers, setting the mood right for an open talk about safe sex. Get ready to perform whilst staying safe and sexy.

Get it on! Team Hollywood Condoms

Photo by frank mckenna