Condom Guide: Choosing Condoms for Maximum Pleasure

Can condoms actually increase pleasure during sex? Check out this condom guide to get maximum pleasure during safe sex.


The condom gets a bad wrap for reducing pleasure during sex. But with the right knowledge, your wrap doesn't need to be a bad thing.

Only 65% of men say they use a condom on a regular basis. While some of that might be psychological, there's no denying that a condom feels quite different from the naked truth. The trick is to find a difference that makes life better, not worse, for both of you.

Welcome to our Condom Guide, where we're taking a look at choosing condoms for maximum pleasure.

The (Honest) Fit

The stigma around penis size will probably never go away - not for as long as men obsess over it, anyway.

That's what leads to 83% of men wearing the wrong sized condom. When it comes to pleasure, the most comfortable condom is the one that fits. You aren't impressing anyone, least of all yourself, with the wrong size.

Being honest about your size will give you the maximum pleasure possible. That's a massive improvement over a condom that flops around like a windsock during sex.

Find a Thickness

The most effective condom for you will also be the right thickness. What's "right" varies from person to person.

Some prefer thicker condoms so they can last longer. Others prefer thin condoms, feeling that thicker ones obscure the sensations.

Like finding a good fit, choosing the right thickness is a very personal decision with huge implications for your pleasure during sex. Make sure to try multiple varieties to find the most comfortable condom for you.

Ribbed For...Well, You Know

Ribbed condoms aren't for everyone. But if you've never experimented with them, it may be time to find out if they can bring you maximum pleasure.

Ribbed condoms answer the conundrum of how to make condoms feel better for women, many of whom struggle to orgasm just through intercourse. Their ribbed surfaces increase stimulation during penetrative intercourse, leading to greater pleasure.

Considerate men will care as much for her pleasure as for his, so ribbed condoms can heighten the experience for you both. Next time you're buying condoms, consider asking your partner if ribbed condoms are an option.

An Acquired Taste

Once you've got the basics down, you can always mix things up a little.

Flavored condoms can be a fun addition to the bedroom. Sex is all about physical and mental sensations, so flavored condoms can liven things up and take them to new places.

They may encourage you to become more adventurous, putting the fun back into the bedroom. They can also help you both move past any negativity associated with using a condom. After all, nothing that strawberry can truly be a bad thing.

The Condom Guide to Maximum Pleasure

This condom guide should set you down the road to maximum pleasure - for you both. Don't forget that pleasure is psychological, too. The more comfortable you feel, the more you'll get out of it.

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