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Yep, if you're a guy you probably have balls. It's the slang term for testicles.


Slang word for sex, but it can also be used to describe attractiveness. “That dude's abs are bangin'.”

Bartholin's Glands

When a woman becomes sexually aroused, the Bartholin's glands provide lubrication. These glad are found in the inner labia on each side of the vaginal opening.

Beating the Bishop

One of many slang terms for male masturbation.


A slang term for a woman's vagina.

Bi or Bisexual

This term refers to a person who finds both genders attractive and will likely engage in sexual activity with both or either.


This term refers to someone who thinks they may be bisexual. They may engage in sexual activity with both genders in an effort to figure out whether they are truly bisexual.

Birth control

This term often refers to birth control pills, but any form of contraception can be considered birth control. This includes abstinence and condoms, among other things.

Blow job

Slang term for oral sex on a male. This may also be called fellatio or giving head.

Blue balls

A very uncomfortable (painful) feeling in the testicles when arousal does not lead to ejaculation. The testicles don't actually turn blue as the term would suggest, and although it's uncomfortable, no damage occurs as a result of stopping sexual activity at any point.


Slang term for an erection.


Slang term for breasts.


Slang term for vagina.


Brasser means a prostitute. Originates in Ireland, used mainly in the Northern part of Ireland Cork accent. Source:


Although we rarely think of them this way, breasts are a set of glands on a male or female's chest. A female's breasts can produce milk after a woman gives birth, but men cannot.

Bust a Nut

A slang term for male ejaculation.


Commonly-used slang for buttocks (aka, the fleshy body part that you sit on).

Plan B

Let's avoid Plan B by using condoms.

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