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The Diva

FDA Approved, Premium Ribbed Condoms

Who Said That Condoms Have To Be Boring? Add Some Pizzazz To Your Bedroom Tonight!

Looking for a ribbed condom that will feel better and increase stimulation? You don’t have to settle for cheaply-made latex condoms anymore!It’s time to unleash your inner sexual diva or stallion and enjoy eye-rolling moments of pleasure…


Introducing The Diva Premium Ribbed Latex Condoms 12-Pack By Hollywood Condoms Love Performance!

Now you can finally feel like a true Hollywood movie star, seduce your special someone and offer him/her endless moments of safe sex.

We all know that a low-quality condom can ruin the mood and that’s why we have made it our mission to protect your special moments!

What’s In It For You?

Max Stimulation: the deeper ribs, thin latex design and snug fit will allow you and your partner to feel everything while the lubricant maximizes your stimulation and pleasure.

Peace Of Mind: in the world of social media and dating apps, you can rest assured that your body, your partner and your future is safer with our ribbed condoms for men and women.

Confidence Boost: you’re glamorous and it’s time to make your condoms glamorous too! Feel more confident and take your sexual performance to the next level – starting tonight!

That’s Not All!

Our condoms have undergone rigorous testing in order to ensure durability, reliability and strength. We perform 5 different tests, including: Tensile Strength Tests, Air Burst Tests, Electronic Pinhole Tests, Leakage Test and Accelerated Aging Tests.

The safety doesn't stop here:

  • 1: Special Reservoir Tip For Extra Safety
  • 2: Tapered Base For Secure Fit
  • 3: Mega-Value 12 Pack
  • 4: BONUS Guide: Top 5 Tips To Avoid Bedroom Boredom
  • 5: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

GLAM UP YOUR LOVE LIFE: The Hollywood Condoms Love Performance Dive Premium ultra ribbed condoms 12 pack is here to help you explore new realms of pleasure thanks to the deeper ribs and thin design.

STIMULATION THROUGH THE ROOF: Take your sexual game, performance and pleasure to the next level with our natural latex lubricated ribbed condoms, which will enhance stimulation for both men and women!

TESTED 5 TIMES FOR MAXIMUM SAFETY: When it comes to sex, you can never be too safe. That's why we have run 5 different quality tests on our, best-feeling condoms for ladies and guys.

SPOIL YOURSELF & YOUR PARTNER: Reduce the risk of transmitting STD's and prevent cheap condoms from ruining your mood or even your life by adding our latex condoms to your spicy bedroom adventures!

GET YOUR RIBBED CONDOMS 100% RISK-FREE: In the improbable case that you are not 100% thrilled with your Hollywood Condoms pre-lubricated condoms for extra pleasure, we promise to issue a full refund!


Contains 12 in every pack

 Ship today.





Babe, you’re a diva feel like one.

The Diva Condoms Sensitive Ultra Thin are thinner for a more natural feel.
Anatomically designed easy to put on for a greater sensation.

Ultra-premium and thin latex materia.

Comfortable shape for sensivility and safety.

Specially formulated, silky smooth lubricant.

Comfort shaped for increased stimulation.

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Every single condom is electronically tested for safety and FDA approved.
Healthier for you, and also happen to be better for the environment.

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The most effective condom for you will also be the right thickness. What's "right" varies from person to person.

Some prefer thicker condoms so they can last longer. Others prefer thin condoms, feeling that thicker ones obscure the sensations.

Like finding a good fit, choosing the right thickness is a very personal decision with huge implications for your pleasure during sex. Make sure to try multiple varieties to find the most comfortable condom for you.


The durability process for Premium Condoms

This condom guide should set you down the road to maximum pleasure - for you both. Don't forget that pleasure is psychological, too. The more comfortable you feel, the more you'll get out of it.

Looking for maximum pleasure? It's time to meet the cast of Hollywood Condoms.


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