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The Diva

FDA Approved, Premium Ribbed Condoms

100% ribbed means 100% increased stimulation for everyone and easiest way to style your play. 

  • FDA Certified and Approved
  • Premium natural latex natural 
  • Non-sticky, medical-grade lubrication for a natural feel. 
  • Tested 5 times for strength, reliability and performance 
  • Contains 12 premium ribbed lubricated condoms

      Contains 12 in every pack

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      Babe, you’re a diva feel like one.

      The Diva Condoms Sensitive Ultra Thin are thinner for a more natural feel.
      Anatomically designed easy to put on for a greater sensation.

      Ultra-premium and thin latex materia.

      Comfortable shape for sensivility and safety.

      Specially formulated, silky smooth lubricant.

      Comfort shaped for increased stimulation.

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      About Us

      Every single condom is electronically tested for safety and FDA approved.
      Healthier for you, and also happen to be better for the environment.

      We’re Certified

      Certified FDA Condoms

      The most effective condom for you will also be the right thickness. What's "right" varies from person to person.

      Some prefer thicker condoms so they can last longer. Others prefer thin condoms, feeling that thicker ones obscure the sensations.

      Like finding a good fit, choosing the right thickness is a very personal decision with huge implications for your pleasure during sex. Make sure to try multiple varieties to find the most comfortable condom for you.


      The durability process for Premium Condoms

      This condom guide should set you down the road to maximum pleasure - for you both. Don't forget that pleasure is psychological, too. The more comfortable you feel, the more you'll get out of it.

      Looking for maximum pleasure? It's time to meet the cast of Hollywood Condoms.


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