Top 5 Tips for Having Sex in a Dorm

The walls are paper-thin. This is the universal condition of the college dorm room. You're also sharing a space of 130 square feet or less with another person. 

Now let's say you've met someone in class. You've been flirting for weeks, and they're finally coming over to your room for some "studying." 

Dorm room sex is imminent, but you can't shake the fear that your roommate will walk in halfway through, or that your next-door neighbor will spread the details of your sex life through the whole building. 

You can't change the fact that your standard college dorm isn't outfitted for maximum privacy.

You can, though, take steps to make your college dorm room sex as fun, exciting, and safe as possible!  

1. Always Plan Ahead

When you're in college, you have to be a problem solver. Sex in college can come with some complicated logistics, but you're up to the challenge. 

The first step is to know when your roommate will be in class or away for the weekend. This way you can invite your partner over with no risk of interruption.

You can also pay attention to the times of day when there aren't many people around your hall. If nearly everyone is in class, those paper-thin walls won't be an issue! 

2. Communicate with Your Roommate

When it comes to having sex in a shared dorm room, communication with your roommate is key. 

Be clear from the start that you're going to want to have partners over. This way you can each agree to give the other a certain amount of private time in the room.

Agreeing on some visual signals that you need some privacy in the room can also help to avoid awkward encounters. We've all heard about the sock on the doorknob, and it's a cliche for a reason. 

3. Never Underestimate the Power of Background Noise

Once you've agreed on some ground rules with your roommate, it's time to stop your sex noises from spreading to all the rooms in the vicinity. 

Playing music in the background can help to drown out that unmistakable noise of a creaking bed. And well-chosen music carries the added benefit of setting the mood. 

4. Choosing the Best Dorm Room Sex Positions

The beds in college are notoriously small and don't necessarily lend themselves to creative sex positions. If you take full advantage of the other dorm furniture, you could be in for a real sexual treat.  

Have one partner sit on the dresser or chair for new angles of penetration. Use the bunk beds for stability, and try sex standing up. 

5. Keep It Safe

Safety is the most important part of having sex in college. Make sure you've always got easy access to a drawer with condoms

If you need to stock up, you can conveniently buy condoms online and have them delivered discreetly to your dorm. 

Get Ready for the Best Dorm Room Sex of Your Life

Now that you're an expert on the intricacies of dorm room sex, it's time to outfit yourself with a good supply of condoms. 

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