Top 10 Gentleman Secrets

Top 10 Alpha Male Power Tricks

Being an alpha male is a lot more than just broadcasting your testosterone greatness and making penis puns. While a persuasive presence can be powerful, dominance doesn’t always have to be brash. Here are the top 10 secrets to taking the lead in your group of guys and gals.

  1. Master the walk — How a man walks speaks volumes about himself. Influential leaders seldom rush when walking. Know that guys who are often in a hurry don’t establish a dauntless demeanor. Alpha males let the world know that they are in control of their time, and they pace well with the demands of their schedule. By walking firmly in an unhurried pace, a guy lets everyone know that it’s his world—everyone else is just living in it.

  2. Know when to talk — Much about what people like in a guy is self-assurance and men who are confident with themselves and their judgment trust that not every life episode deserves a talking a point. Alpha males have a good grasp of control and know when to splurge on speech. At the end of the day, talk will always be cheap.

  3. Be smart with humor — It’s no lie that people like to be around others who understand a good laugh and given today’s growing meme culture and the demand to better respect diversity, timing is everything. What you laugh about is only as good as when you laugh about it. The ability to be serious when needed is important, but the wit it takes to pull off comedy is golden.

  4. Keep tabs on trends — While it’s true that clothes don’t make the man, no one can deny the eloquence of a get-up or the power of great wardrobe. Alpha males don’t necessarily have to be in every fashion loop, nor are they obliged to favor the fad. Understanding symmetry, the impact of visual appeal, and one’s body proportions is good enough. Even if it’s the inside that matters, you have to admit it’s the outside that captures attention first.

  5. Go beyond words — the capacity to speak without making use of words is a rare feat many guys have yet to master. Whether quick hugs, distant smiles, cheerful nods, or dismissive smirks, there is a universe of speech beyond verbal communication. Consistency is an integral factor in whatever message you’d like to send across with groups of people, be it to a lady you want or a clique you’re fond of. Let your actions do the talking.

  6. Create engaging first impressions — they say you only have seven seconds to establish a first impression. Alpha males make it count by being pleasant to be around. Knowing where to position himself, whether in conversations or seating arrangements determines what kind of authority a man can radiate. Terrific first impressions are made up of 3 S’s: sense, smell, and style.

  7. Understand the influence of touch — knowing when and how to touch someone is, well, a touchy subject. As connections with people grow, the guard to be physically distant diminishes. While it’s normal for everyone to pat backs and brush elbows now and then, alpha males have great mastery over mirroring touches; meaning a guy should only impose the level of touch he gets from someone else based off of how they come in physical contact with him first, especially with women.

  8. Invest on good grooming and working out — While abs are optional and shouting “bro” at every guy you meet at the gym is discretional, one can’t underestimate the effect of a good haircut and the command of good physique. Using the right razor, watching what you eat, and running on a regular period should do the trick on average. Again, these things may be external, but being an alpha male is all about bettering the overall package.

  9. Read — be it current affairs or the domineering work of Karl Marx or Agatha Christie, nothing is sexier than a man who knows what’s up. Alpha males shepherd a flock, not only because of how charismatic they are but also because of well-studied they are about things around them. What separates a regular dude from the dude-of-all-dudes is their capacity to understand the dynamics of cause and effect.

  10. Display confidence — The unifier of everything positive about a man is confidence—organic, unrelenting, non-imposing confidence. There is an insistent aura with men who are self-secure, occasionally vulnerable, and persistently captivating all at the same time. A man can be many things, but he wins no prize without confidence.

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