The Comic Lover's Guide to Pick Up Lines

Comic-con has come and gone, but it will come again . . . see what we did there?

One of the best things about this magical weekend of the year is the cosplaying that goes on. No one hides the depth of their nerdy self under street clothes. It's all costumes and honesty here.

So, what should you do if you see a Bubbles or a Wonder Woman you're crushing on? Well, you can use these pick up lines - just be respectful if it doesn't go over well.

Need a hint on which lines to use? Check out our suggestions below.

Nerdy Pick Up Lines

In the theme of this article, we tried to keep things comic themed. But there are a few good ones that were too funny not to use. Enjoy our choices!


See a web-slinger you'd like to tie yourself to? Try this line on for size, "You make all my senses tingle!" alternative versions include "my spidey sense isn't the only thing tingling".

The level of dirty you want to make it is up to you and the feel of the situation.

Captain America

See a cutie captain you want to meet? Check out this innocent but funny icebreaker (literally). "Hey, I was frozen in ice for decades, could you help me warm up?"

It's cute and casual, so it'll go over well - even if they're not interested.


If you have the stature to pull off Thor, including the golden locks, then good for you. Or if they do - you just have to reword this pick up line slightly.

"I may be a god, but you're a full-on goddess". It's a nice compliment and also, not aggressive.

If the situation feels good and you're willing to go there, you can also try "Girl, you deserve a throne, in the shape of my face". Or boy - Thor doesn't care about Galactic technicalities.


So you have a dark side, that's okay. Some people like the idea of domination. You can feel out if they're into it with this Loki themed pick up line.

"Did you use my scepter? Because you're taking over my heart!" Cheesy, but cute.

If you want to be a little more forward with the domination part, try this one, "Forget about world domination, I only want to dominate you!"

Or, change the words around to say "I'm into world domination but I'd let you dominate me". Whatever you're into, we're there for you.

Ain't no shame in your comic-con game!

Costume Play Time

Did these pick up lines at least make you smile? Even if you can't see yourself using them. There are plenty of ways to start out conversations.

Try "Hey, want to hear a ___ themed pick up line?" We're into consent.

We're also into protected sex and you should be too! Make sure you check out our products here. They're great for when you meet an intergalactic sweetheart!