If the Condom Fits, Wear It: How to Choose the Right Condom Size

Contrary to what many people believe, the average American penis size is 5.1 inches. Whether your member is bigger, smaller, or totally average, choosing the right condom size is more important than you might think.

Sauntering up to the drugstore counter with a big box of extra-large magnum condoms might make you feel cool, but if they’re too big and slip off while you’re doing the deed, you could end up with an STD or unplanned pregnancy. That’s not cool at all!

Not sure what size condom you need? No worries! This simple condom size guide will help you properly cover your stump before you hump.

Why Condom Size Matters

Condoms need to be the right size so they can do their jobs right. While oversized condoms can slip off, those that are too small are likely to break. In fact, most condom failures are due to user error rather than a manufacturer’s defect. 

If you hate the way condoms feel, there’s a good chance you might have chosen the wrong size. Condoms that are either too large or too small can significantly impact sexual pleasure. Rethink your size choice and you might find that spark you’ve been missing!

A Simple Guide to Measuring Your Penis

Are you reading this and thinking “What size condom do I need?” Great! We’ve got your attention!

Measuring your penis is the first thing you’ll need to do to find the answer to this question. Start by bringing your Willie to full attention, then use a rule or measuring tape to measure the length from the base of your penis (where it meets your pelvis) to the very tip.

To measure your penis girth, wrap a flexible measuring tape around the widest point of your penis. This is likely somewhere around the middle of your shaft. If you’ve used a piece of string, make a mark where it crosses and then measure that length against a ruler.

Check Condom Size Charts

Now that you know how big your penis really is, you’ll want to check out the size recommendations before you make a purchase. Remember that sizes might not be the same across different brands and styles, so always read the labels before you make a purchase.

Generally, standard condoms are made for a penis with a width of 1.75 to 2 inches and a length of 7.25 to 7.8 inches. If your penis length or width is less than this, you’ll want to opt for the snug fit.

Those with a penis that measures over 7.25 inches and/or have a girth of over two inches should choose extra-large condoms.

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