Does Size Really Matter? Here's What Experts Say

Does Size Really Matter? Here's What Experts Say

Body image issues are not exclusive to women—some experts estimate that 45% of the male population are unhappy with the way they look. Unfortunately, this number is growing year by year. 

One of the most sensitive male image issues is the size of their genitalia. The newly coined phrase "big dick energy" (BDE) certainly does not help alleviate anxiety in this region. The worst part is, there is little a man can do to change his size down there. The real question is, does size really matter?

To find out if all this is worth worrying about, check out the information below.

When It's Too Big

Sweeping statements about anything often overlook important nuances in the human experience. Sometimes, BDE is not always best.

All too often, men let their size inflate their ego, causing disappointment for their female partners. It is almost as if they think merely existing will lead to orgasm from their partner, and they don't need to make an effort.

This is often untrue. The penis in itself is not the only source of pleasure in a sexual encounter, and well-endowed men need to remember to put the work in.

These men also need to remember that depending on their partner, sex with them could be painful. Even if the first time is tolerable, many women do not want to go another round when they are sore down there.

Women can experience vaginal tearing, a bruised cervix, and even bruised ovaries. These injuries will make any woman think twice about their belief that bigger is better.

So, does size matter? It certainly does if it makes the man is egotistical, even potentially causing pain to their partner. 

When It's Too Small

There are many women who recognize the many characteristics of a partner that are more important than penis size. Unfortunately, some men may be so size-impaired that their functionally incapable of vaginal intercourse that brings a woman to orgasm. For these men, there are many other techniques that can make sex just as satisfying. 

Sometimes, a smaller size is ideal. Often, men who are lacking in inches make up for it by putting effort into learning other sex skills. They may be great in oral stimulation, manual stimulation, or setting the mood with foreplay. One thing is certain—a smaller guy is less likely to cause soreness or injury. That means more opportunities for multiple orgasms. 

When It's Just Right

It's commonly said that women mature earlier than men. So, maybe the size debate is largely macho, locker room talk. Many women know there are far more important qualities to look for in a relationship. As long as a man is loyal and dedicated, he's big enough.

Does Size Really Matter?

The age-old question—does size really matter?—doesn't matter as much as you think. The numbers don't lie—85% of women are satisfied with their partner's size. It may sound corny, but cultivating self-love and self-worth are far more important than external features. These qualities are what make human relationships meaningful and longlasting. 

The only time size really matters is when buying a condom. You can find your size here