Bon Appétit! 4 Foods That Make You Last Longer in Bed

Foods that make you last longer in bed

Putting in all of that work inside of the bedroom can burn a few calories and cause you to work up quite an appetite. 

But as tempting as it may seem to just head over to the freezer and microwave the first prepackaged thing you see, remember that the food you use to fuel yourself post-sex workout is even more important than the meals you eat prior. 

What if your partner is expecting round 2...or 3?  

There's no way you're going to be able to put your best foot forward with hot pockets and mountain dew trying to digest inside of your system.

You're going to have a hard enough time trying to stay awake after filling your post-sex body with junk food's best name brands--let alone trying to please and tantalize your partner into complete ecstasy.  

Ever wondered if there were any foods that make you last longer in bed?

Take a look at these healthier, yet-yummy options that can help you build bedroom stamina, and boost your overall sex-drive. 

1. Oysters

These little suckers are an awesome addition to your diet as they are rich in Zinc. Zinc has been scientifically proven to raise male testosterone levels and aid in proper blood flow. 

We all know the benefits of good blood flow during sexy time, right?

Your penis will thank you. 

2. Apples

This fruit can be dressed up in a number of tasty ways and can be eaten during foreplay.

Their sweet, crunchy texture adds an element of fun during sex, but also provides a defense against erectile dysfunction due to being rich in antioxidants

3. Red Wine

Although technically not a food, red wine is on this list because it can obviously be consumed, and it's something that can set the mood for great sex.

There is no question as to the effects wine, in general, can have on someone's sex drive. However, there are also added benefits to drinking red wine in particular--the main one being quercetin. 

Quercetin is an antioxidant found in many fruits (including Apples), that lowers blood pressure and helps with blood circulation. 

Since high blood pressure can be linked to Erectile Dysfunction, it's clear to see how consuming a few glasses of red wine can prove to be beneficial in the long run. 

4. Meat

Depending on the type of meat you consume you may already have the ideal diet to support a healthy libido. Meats such as salmon, pork, chicken, and beef are all high in protein. 

Protein is essential to healthy blood-flow (see the theme here), and in getting those juices flowing to the right parts of the body. 

Nuts and seeds are also high in protein if you are a non-meat eater. 

Eating With a purpose

Keep any up and coming date nights towards the forefront of your mind the next time you reach for that bag of Doritos.

Snacks are fun and all, but if you are looking to impress the next time you have sex, you are going to want to consume more foods that make you last longer in bed. 

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