8 Totally Normal Sex Trends

Yes, the prude old days are finally over and everyone is finally living large when it comes to sexual fantasies and desires. Here are 8 sex trends which might have seemed hardcore not so long ago:

#1 Sex toys

There have been many developments when it comes to devices enhancing sexual pleasure. The days in which the dildo ruled the sexual underground are definitely long gone and a new generation of sex toys has risen. So much so, that sex toys are welcomed by either gender. From dildos to fleshlights, love balls and anal plugs. You name, we love it.

#2 Online chat rooms

Having sexually tinted conversations with people all over the world is no longer frowned upon. Technology has made it possible to connect with people with the same sexual interests at the click of a mouse. Isn’t this wonderful! Live your sexual fantasies without getting the dirty look.

#3 The Right to Orgasm

A right which was pushed more by the ladies than the men. Songs have been sung about this topic and entire blogs are dedicated to it. Needless to say, if men have a right to climax, why shouldn’t women? Bring up your A-Game boys and girls!

#4 Sex fetish

Some people are sexually content and satisfied with the fleshy aspects of sex alone. But there are others who get stimulated by non-human objects, such as shoes, cigarettes, food or feet. Common fetishes include lingerie, role-play, high heels or women wearing glasses. Whatever floats your boat...

#5 Rimming

Also known as “Tossing the Salad” or, to put it really simple: getting your asshole licked. Not only do famous rappers and pop stars sing about their favorite freetime activities, but also television shows have a more open approach to this formerly heinous act. Apparently, getting dirty ain’t that dirty anymore.

#6 Partner swapping

“Swinging” occurs when couples agree to have sexual intercourse with each other. Wives and husbands give each other the green light to get it on with the other wife and vice versa. It’s not uncommon for more than two couples share a room and bed. You might want to stop by a swinger party and see for yourself!

#7 Orgies

Orgies are parties where people, men, women and any genders alike, engage in unrestrained and excessive sexual intimacy with one another. Participants are both strangers and familiar people. Orgy parties are becoming increasingly popular these days. Georgy Porgy, orgy!

#8 Group sex Unlike orgies, group sex involves people who actually know each other. Such parties are well prepared in advance and are definitely trending these days. While most people believe that intercourse should be reserved for couples only, group sex surely is not for the prude-hearted and jealous types.

However you decide to spice things up in the bedroom, make sure to do it safely! If you need any advice or support, you know where to find us.

Happy endeavors! Spreading the ♥ Team Hollywood Condoms