The Definitive Guide on How to Have the Hottest Quickie Sex of Your Life

Great sex is a skill.

It requires thought, preparation, communication, and planning to perform our best. This foundation isn't limited to long lovemaking sessions either. Though perhaps more spontaneous, quickie sex is not so different!

Consider these steps fundamental to having the hottest quickie sex of your life!

Timing Is Everything

There is a common misconception that great sex takes a lot of time. While it is true that having more time can open up some fun foreplay doors, longer sex does not equal better sex.

Long, drawn-out, lovemaking is amazing, although not without its restraints, er, constraints. Bondage jokes aside, there are plenty of disruptions ready to rain on your sex plans.

Like roommates. Now, roommates are great when it comes to things like splitting the bills. Not so much when it comes to getting that much-needed privacy for a proper romp.

No need to memorize your roommate's schedule! A little bit of communication can go a long way. You can have a sign for the door, a code word, or even have privacy hours to help accommodate opportunities for quickie sex. 

Imagine the Possibilities

Fantasy is a driving force for life. Many of us can attest that daydreams threaten our focus every waking moment. 

With a bit of erotic tai chi, we can put that imagination to work.

Thinking of the where and how ahead of time can help prepare for awkward mishaps that may arise. We can also harness that imagination to get those sexy time juices flowing.

You can create a sexy scenario in your head to role play or scout out perfect discrete spots to have a quickie. Remember to play it safe and always keep condoms handy.

Keep Some Clothes On

There can be a tendency to want to get all the way naked when having sex. If you have the time, by all means. But with quickie sex keeping clothing on makes sense. 

Not only is it hot to make love wearing a little something, but it also leaves you ready to roll out in case of interruption or if you run over your time allotment. 

Consult With a Pro

If you still aren't sure about quickie sex or sex in general, consider talking to a certified sex counselor. They can help you untangle anything that may be holding you back from fulfilling relationships. Which in turn can lead to great sex at the drop of a hat. 

Hey, that could be your code move!

In a culture that may not have the best attitudes about sex, working with a sex counselor could help change your perspective. Helping you plot the best course to quickie heaven. 

Ready for Some Quickie Sex?

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Stay safe and have fun!