Top 5 Unexpected Erogenous Zones

Shakespeare once said, "Thou canst not then forget the erogenous zones." 

Okay, he didn't say that. But the advice holds true for anyone who wants to have great sex. After all, you can't have quickies all the time. 

Foreplay is crucial to good sex. And one way to make sure you're doing foreplay right is to stimulate those erogenous zones including the non-obvious ones.

Here, we'll talk about those lesser-known pleasure zones. Know them, work on them, and leave your partner/s wanting more.

1. Scalp

You're in the mood. But she's saying she's got a headache so it's a no for tonight. Treat her to a scalp massage and she might change her mind.

The scalp is one of the erogenous zones for women. Massaging it will help release oxytocin, a hormone that produces calming effects and increases arousal at the same time. 

2. Nape of the Neck

Does your partner love neck kisses? Try this next time. Instead of focusing on random zones of his or her neck, zero in on the nape.

It's an erogenous spot for both men and women. You can even start stimulating it with just your fingers before moving on to kisses.

3. Inner Wrist

If you or your partner's got a serious case of bedroom boredom, it's time to get creative with foreplay ideas.

For example, have you ever thought about touching your partner's wrist? It seems so innocent a move, but that spot has a lot of nerve endings. Tip: Don't rush it and make lots of eye contact while touching or gently brushing that spot.

4. Lower Abs

Did you know that there's such a thing as coregasms? As the name implies, it's an exercise-induced orgasm that happens during core work. 

Activating this area can cause vaginal muscles to contract, most likely due to anticipation. For the same reason, it's also considered one of the erogenous zones for men. Since the area's close to the genitals, you can use it to heighten arousal before going down to the more obvious pleasure zone. 

5. Back of the Knees

Maybe you're too young to remember Ally McBeal. But there's this character, Richard Fish, who's known for his "knee-pit" move. It drove women crazy including Ling, Lucy Liu's character. 

Don't think though that it's only erogenous for women. It will also work on men since that part is super sensitive to touch. To activate his area, start with light touches or massage it gently in a circular motion.

Listen to Yoda: Erogenous Zones, Skip Them Not

Okay, Yoda didn't say that. But again, the advice is valid. Erogenous zones are worth exploring and you should do so anytime the opportunity presents itself. 

Plus, you don't even need to spend hours on stimulating those pleasure spots. If you can spend around 18 minutes on foreplay, you're golden. 

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