Safe Sex Tips: Breed Knowledge not Diseases

Safe sex is the key to good sex. Check out these tips to avoid the common myths about sex and have a safer sex experience. Breed knowledge not diseases.


Safe sex? More like boring sex, right?


We highly doubt your image of a fun night involves diapers or milk bottles. Or, even worse, a night at the hospital showing your suddenly-icky private stuff.

So let's dispense with the myth right now because safe sex is the key to great sex. That's why we're hooking you up with some true-life tips about common myths.

Let's avoid any sexual mishaps, people.

Use Condoms

If condoms didn't work, half of college-aged men would be parents right now.

Condoms or their equivalents have been used as contraceptives and to avoid STDs for centuries. Sure, there is the small chance of tears, but this chance is as minuscule as spying a passing satellite (it's a pretty small chance, folks).

They were enough protection for the Ancient Romans. And trust us when we say the material we use today (not to mention the testing method) is much, much better.

Ask Your Partner to Get Tested

There is no way to tell if someone has an STD by taking a glance at the goods. In fact, even virgins may have STDs that were transferred to them during childbirth, drug usage or oral sex.

So get yourself and your partner tested. Many people see testing as a breach of trust, but if your significant other cares about you and your health, there's absolutely no reason to avoid a quick trip to the doctor's office or local health clinic.

Know the Dangers of Oral Sex

That's right. STDs can worm their way into your mouth and into your body. So if you think you can outsmart the diseases by practicing oral sex only, think again.

Have you ever heard of dental dams? They're pretty much condoms for your mouth.

Dental dams are small pieces of latex that are placed over the vulva during oral sex. Obviously, condoms work well for men receiving favors.

Worried about privacy? Order your protection online.

Be Sexually Exclusive

If you're interested in practicing safe sex, consider having sex only with one sexual partner. Your chances of obtaining an STD or becoming a parent increase exponentially with the more partners you and your sexual partner have.

If you or your current honey isn't up for an exclusive relationship, think long and hard about continuing the relationship. You won't know who that person has been with, so make sure you're approaching warp speed with safety belts (that means other modes of protection).

Consider Vaccinations

Lo and behold! There are vaccinations for several common sexually transmitted infections.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) affects one in four US citizens. It can lead to cancer and/or genital warts. Hepatitis B is another virus that can lead to jaundice, liver damage and other issues.

Both of these and more are preventable with vaccines. The vaccine for HPV, however, must be administered before the individual has contact with the virus. The one for hepatitis B lasts for about three decades.

Safe Sex and Sensuality

Safe sex leads to great sex. Why? Because you can keep doing it, remain worry-free and stay healthy.

What could be better?

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