3 Things You Must Know About Condoms

Yes, the good old condom: a very controversial birth-control device preventing the transmission of sexual diseases and infections. Did you know that over 300 million people worldwide will be infected with an STD this year alone? That is nasty stuff!
Scared enough? Well you should be, because even today, the usage of condoms for safer sex is often still a taboo and stigmatized topic. Here is what you should know about condoms:

1: Know the basics

This goes on the top of the list. If you don’t know the basics about condoms and dreaded diseases associated to sexual intercourse, then you have a problem. For starters, keep this in the back of your mind at all times: “Prevention is better than the cure”. One fact that is totally true! Especially when it pertains on the use of condoms during your most romantic moment. Sex is an inevitable truth. Each one of us will come to a point that we will undergo this exciting experience so we better be prepared for it. Condoms will be our first line of defense from all the dangerous and negative outcomes of sexual intercourse.

2: Don't be afraid to ask and keep yourself informed

What do condoms look like? How are condoms used? What is a trusted and tested brand of condoms you can rely on? Don’t be afraid to trust someone whom you can ask questions about sex. It’s better to inform yourself about the facts of sexual intercourse and early pregnancy, as well as the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STDs/STIs). Knowledge is power!

3: Why Hollywood Condoms?

There so many brands and types of condoms to choose from. There are ribbed condoms, studded condoms, glow in the dark condoms, flavored condoms, small condoms, large condoms. And they even come in different colors. So, why Hollywood Condoms? We are reliable, deliver neat and discreet, use only premium quality latex, affordable and fun! Choose a pack of your liking and get to know all about safe sex in a fun and approachable way! Purchase online with just a click of a button.

Be safe, perform in style. Team Hollywood Condoms Spreading the ♥