When Things Get Steamy: How to Have Sex in the Shower the Right Way

When Things Get Steamy: How to Have Sex in the Shower the Right Way

Are you among the 45% of Americans who say they're bored with their sex life?

Maybe it's time to get wet with your partner—all over, not just down there. We're talking about shower sex and yes, it can be every bit as good as how the on-screen movie and TV couples make it look.

You just need to follow a few safety tips as well as a few pointers on the best positions and what you can do to make the shower a very hot place for getting busy.

If you're ready to get steamy, here's how to have sex in the shower the right way.

Safety First: Lay Down a Mat

There's nothing sexy about slipping on a wet surface and ending up with a bruise or worse in the throes of passion. So before you even think about taking a step into the shower, place a slip-proof mat on the floor first. Better safe than sorry so neither you nor your partner ends up in the ER with an embarrassing story to tell.

Have Lube Handy

Water can wash away natural lubrication and that makes for unpleasant intercourse. To help keep you and your partner friction-free, look for a silicone-based lubricant designed for water play. Apply it once you're in the shower so you won't drip it onto your bathroom floor, where it can cause you or your partner to slip and fall.

Another tip is to start the foreplay before you go anywhere near the shower. Good foreplay takes time, and trying to get extremely turned on underneath running water will not only wash away your efforts, but it wastes water, too! Set the mood first away from the bathroom.

Increase the Water Temperature

It's easy to get cold in a shower—especially when that shower head can only spray so much of a body area. To keep both of you warm, crank up the water temperature a bit higher than you normally would. Heating up your bathroom area before entering the shower can also help you both feel more comfortable.

Have Fun With Soap

What could be sexier than soaping each other up and gliding your hands over your partner's wet body? Give their butt a gentle squeeze or massage their breasts. Take pleasure in how their body hair looks when damp and clinging to their skin.

Get Into Position

Great shower sex is all about the right position—and there are more of them that work than you might think. Standing is perfectly fine, as long as you're both steady, safe, and have a wall to use as a brace or a handle to hold onto if you need it.

If you have an area to sit on, now you can stay safe and enjoy a variety of positions with a female partner sitting on top, either facing you or try a seated rear-entry position.

You and your partner can also take turns being seated (or sit on the edge of the tub) while the other gives oral, which can be amazing with the water beating down on you. You can also give it to your partner from behind

There are really no rules here. Just do what feels best for you and your partner that is also safe.

Use the Showerhead as a Vibrator

While you probably don't want a forceful stream of water beating against your penis, you can definitely have a lot of fun using the showerhead on your partner. Experiment with different settings and angles until you've hit her sweet spot. This can be a fun way to wrap up your wet and wild sex session and then rinse each other off until the next time.

Now You Know How to Have Sex in the Shower

Now that you know how to have sex in the shower, don't forget to also practice safe sex!

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