Setting the Mood: How to Set the Right Mood for Both of You

Setting the mood is key to a pleasurable experience. Discover the best tips on setting the mood and initiating a good experience for both of you.


These days, we're living in a liberating but safe time for sex. Contraception use is on the rise - for both men and women. Consent is at the forefront of all sexual activity.

And society is welcoming all sexualities and genders into the safe sex discussion.

But one question still persists: how do you set the mood for sex?

Continue reading and know all about setting the mood for sex - in a consensual and healthy manner.

Focus on Fun

Sex is fun. We shouldn't have to remind you. But initiating sex can be awkward. That's why you should try and have fun when setting the mood.

Instead of immediately grabbing for your partner's privates, do some playful tickling.

Are you wearing a super awesome pair of undergarments? Show your partner! Yes, this could mean your sexy lingerie. But your Spongebob boyshorts may also turn on your partner.

This helps make the mood positive, fun, and even funny. You'll both ease into sex.

Be Obvious - But Not Forceful

It's easy to appear forceful and coercive, even if you don't mean it. But this can make your partner uncomfortable.

You can be obvious without being forceful.

Rather than grabbing for the pants and yanking them off, be cheesy and start complimenting your partner.

There are also good gendered pieces of advice. If you're a guy, be a gentleman about it.

Sure, you may feel so hard, your wang might break out of your pants as if it was a Greek in the Trojan Horse.

But being an alpha male doesn't have to be rapey. Ask her what turns her on and ask if she wants you to do this (this is also an easy way to make her orgasm way faster).

If you're a girl, well you have it super easy.

But many chicks don't like making the first move (and making a guy's life way easier). Don't be afraid to unleash your inner dominatrix (okay maybe not that kinky) and roll on top of him (trust us, it turns men on).

And if all else fails, good ol' fashioned making out always works.

Feel Confident

We all know the feeling. Your partner is way more attractive and awesome than you.

You're not sure how you even got them alone in the first place, even though you both are in the bed and your partner already started taking their socks off (this is a good sign - who wants to have sex with their socks on?).

It's easy to feel insecure when you're with your partner. And that feeling may never go away. But you should always try and feel confident.

Confidence is the biggest turn on, no matter what gender or sexuality you are.

You already got this far, right? You must have game!

Stop fearing rejection and just go for it.

Setting the Mood Isn't Rocket Science

Whether this is the first time you're having sex with your partner or you've been married for years, the fear of initiating sex may never go away. But setting the mood isn't rocket science.

Are you one of those lucky people who has a great sex life? Good for you! But you need to stay protected.

There's no need to pull your pants down, realize you're out of condoms, race into the convenience store and wonder if your partner is still waiting as you're buying a year's supply of condoms.

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