Orgasm Anxiety: 4 Reasons You Might Not Be Reaching Orgasm

It's no secret that not everyone can orgasm with ease. In fact, an estimated 40% of women (and a smaller percentage of men) don't consistently orgasm when having sex. 

There are plenty of reasons that you might have trouble orgasming, and orgasm anxiety is one of the most common! 

How does orgasm anxiety manifest? What signs should you look for that your mind is interfering with your body?

Read on to learn about 4 ways that orgasm anxiety can prevent you from reaching the big O.

1. You're Afraid to Let Go

This is a big one. If you're not comfortable letting your body do what it needs to do to reach orgasm, it's going to be difficult to get there. 

Remember that doing things like making noise and tensing your muscles are proven ways to have a longer, more full-body orgasm. Don't stop yourself from following these natural inclinations because you're not sure what your partner will think. Your partner should want you to orgasm and if they don't like how you sound or look as you get there, they don't deserve your sexual intimacy. 

2. You're Too Anxious to Ask for What You Want

Let's talk about porn for a second. While porn can be great fun to watch, it's not exactly educational content. The problem is that many of us attempt to learn our moves from porn and never take the time to find out what our actual sexual partners want and need.

Chances are that you know from masturbation what your body needs to orgasm. Don't go out of your way to protect your sexual partner's pride if it means faking orgasms and having unsatisfactory sex! Have a gentle but clear conversation about what you need. 

3. You're Distracted By Questionable Contraception

Safe sex is one of the most important components of satisfactory sex. If you're worried about unsafe or questionable contraception, you're going to feel beyond distracted while having sex. 

Eliminate your contraception fears by purchasing only trustworthy, FDA-approved condoms that have gone through rigorous testing. When you're confident in your contraception, you can pay way more attention to your partner and your own body.

5. You Need More Oxytocin

Sometimes stress can take a more physical toll and begin to affect our body chemistry. For a lot of lovers out there, orgasm anxiety enters into a vicious cycle with oxytocin deficiency. 

Oxytocin is sometimes referred to as the love hormone, the bonding hormone, or the touch hormone. It makes you feel happy and increases your desire for affection and intimacy. The problem is that stress can lower your oxytocin levels, making it harder for you to get and stay in the mood.

Fortunately, there are natural ways to boost your oxytocin levels, from meditating to spending quality time with loved ones.

Find the Root of Your Orgasm Anxiety to Overcome It

Is orgasm anxiety keeping you from enjoying yourself to the fullest in bed? Start by identifying the root of your orgasm anxiety and finding out where your thoughts are drifting. This will make it easier to address the source and overcome it so that you can have the orgasms you deserve.

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