7 Things You Didn't Know About The Condom!

1: For real. First condom use dates back to cave times.

Apparently, the oldest known proof of condom use dates back to images seen in cave paintings. These images portrayed a sort of “sheathed penis”. Not really knowing what these wrapped penises exactly stand for, one can only assume that our ancestors thought that wrapping their penis would protect it from something. They might also portray a sausage in a blanket, for all that matters.

2: No joke, condoms used to be made from animal intestines.

Some condoms references go way back to Greek Mythology and Ancient Rome. Of course, these contraceptive devices were not yet made of latex, nor were they called condoms. Instead, Ancient Romans used goats’ bladders and other animal intestines to prevent their penis from spritzing all over the place. However effective these devices may have been during these legendary sexfests, the interest in contraceptive devices only re-emerged in the 1400s.

3: Softer than a goat’s bladder: the linen condom in the 1400s.

Perhaps because you didn’t have to slaughter an entire animal just to get it on, by the 1400s through the 1700s, the majority of condoms were made out of linen. Around the 1600s, a gentleman named Gabriele Falloppio, invented a new contraceptive device in response to the syphilis outbreak in Europe. This type of condom consisted of a chemical-soaked linen sheath, covering the penis. It was then tied around the shaft with a ribbon to hold it in place. A safe-sex present so to speak.

4: Good Lord! How would that ever fit into any type of hole?

In 1855, the first rubber condom was produced. Although this condom was made of a more modern and durable material, it was also thicker than a bicycles’ inner tube. Some might find this alluring, others perhaps not so.

5: Get out of here! Condoms illegal?

You got that right! Condoms were illegal in the U.S. until 1918! Apparently, due to the reserved nature of our ancestors, legalizing condoms took such a long time because they thought that sex was evil. However, with the golden 20s and a new generation on the uprise, not only did condoms become more popular, but by the same time, the first latex condom brand made a name for itself.

6: The rise of AIDS and the importance of the condom.

During the 1980s, the AIDS and HIV epidemic in the U.S. had reached new heights. Safe sex and the importance of condom use were topics in every household and companies needed to keep up with an ever-growing demand. The epidemic was seemingly out of control and more brands started pop out of the ground.

7: Condom brands start being creative!

In the 1990s, condom brands started breaking taboos around safe sex and condom use. They wanted to offer the consumer something more than just a boring rubber. Manufacturers started producing condoms with color, texture and even flavor. However much fun you may have with a green rubber glowing in the dark, what counts is that you are using one during your love performance.

Keep it safe, keep it sexy. Spreading the ♥ Team Hollywood Condoms